• Contact me anywhere on the contact page or via the chat here on Wix to see how I can help, and to tell me about how class has been going.​

Scheduling and Payment

  • You can book a time here on Wix, and if it works for me, I'll notify you, and request payment before finalizing the appointment.​

  • Espy is the only employee here, so all scheduling and payment etc. all goes through me. Some parents are more hands-on, and some are more hands-off, and either is cool with me.

The Meeting​

  • The student and I will meet via the agreed-upon platform (Google meet, zoom, or discord) at the time of the scheduled lesson.
    I will use Google Jamboard (free to use, shared whiteboard) during the lesson, the student may share their screen. After the lesson, the Jamboard and any relevant links or files will be shared with the student via Dropbox.

    Dropbox is free to use, and they don't need to sign up. The dropbox link will never change, and the Zoom/Google Meet link will also never change.

Do you have practice problems, videos, or book suggestions?

  • Yes, of course. Quite a few. I've been gathering and organizing and evaluating the rigor/quality of AP Chemistry curriculum since 2015.

A very small note on AP Chemistry:

  • Sometimes, a student wants help with a concept that is going to be on their test, but which is also specifically no longer assessed on the AP Chemistry Exam according to the newest 2019 Curriculum and Exam Description from College Board. I am 100% cool with and capable of helping students with these concepts, but will let them know that it will not be on the AP Exam, and let the student decide whether or not they want to go over it.