My main goals are to make chemistry a little more predictable, and much less stressful for students, and to create chemistry materials for education that are useful to both teachers and students. My other main goal is to help you get a 5 on the AP Chem exam!

A timeline of me being a nerd about chemistry education:

December 2015: I graduated from college with a degree in Life Science Education.

August 2016 to June 2020: Taught AP Chemistry and Chemistry 1 at a public high school in Indiana to grades 10-12. In my time there, students consistently scored at and above U.S. and global averages on the AP Chemistry exam. I learned how to teach students to excel on the AP Chemistry exam. In June 2020 I moved away for career opportunities.

June 2018 to Present: I began writing AP Chemistry test questions on These are specifically aligned to the topics and learning objectives, and have rationales for why the correct answer is correct, and why each incorrect choice is incorrect. Since I'm constantly looking at the Curriculum and Exam Description (CED), this job has made me extremely familiar with the content that is on the AP Chemistry exam.

2019 to Present: I write chemistry curriculum for various other e-learning companies as a freelancer.

June 2020 to Present: I've been tutoring chemistry - AP Chemistry, High School Chemistry, IB Chemistry, PRAXIS Chemistry, and College General Chemistry I and II. Nearly all of my tutoring has been online; working together with students online has many benefits - the digital whiteboard, on screen calculator, sharing files, showing animations, etc. I have 900+ hours logged tutoring chemistry, and reviews on just one public, tutoring website. I have also tutored for various other tutoring start-ups.

January to June 2021: I led a 6 month, after school "AP Chemistry Boot Camp" for a private school in Canada, with 10 students, via zoom, through many, many AP Chemistry multiple choice and free response practice questions to prepare them for the exam.

Essentially, I've been teaching Chemistry nonstop, year-round since 2016!

Outside of work, I obsess over my dog, play guitar and piano, video games, and watch tiktok.