Chemistry - It's black and white

"[Corban] was professional and really knew his stuff. A pleasure to work with!! He was very helpful and explained everything clearly. I will [definitely] use him again."

-Naomi Z., 2022

"Corban made information easier to understand. I am so much more confident going into my exam. Thank you so much"

-Sherri F, 2022

"Fantastic teacher

Delivers material clearly and makes the hour very productive. He will definitely be the “go to” tutor for future Chemistry questions."

-Camila, 2022

"AP Chemistry - patient and understanding

My son is in AP Chemistry teacher who is new to teaching and doesn’t quite have the knowledge for a class on this level. Corban is helping my son to understand the information needed to be successful in this class."

-Tiffany, 2022

"I FINALLY understand titrations and buffers something neither my prof or my supplemental instruction teachers have been able to do throughout the semester. I am gonna pass this class because of him"

-Rayan, 2022

"AP Chem, Corban was really patient with my son and reassured him on questions he wasn't sure about. He helped on the problems he didn't understand. My son was very comfortable with Corban. My son loved the tutoring time."

-Vicki, 2021

"Knowledgeable tutor. Corban is great! I just started honors chemistry and he has been helpful explaining the material, and he gave me practice questions so I could study for the test."

-Faune, 2022

"really good tutor!!

Corban is a really good tutor and by far the best tutor I’ve had! He’s really patient and understanding! :)"

-Noor, 2021

"this was first lesson…great first start. he gave sample problems to work on. i love that. daughter feels confident he will be helpful. looking forward to more lessons"

-Neenoo, 2021

"He has provided me with the resources to help me succeed and showed me easier ways to do things that made much more sense."

-Caroline, 2021

"He was so understanding, patient, and always went the extra mile!

I came to Corban at pretty much my worst moment of the academic year. I was incredibly stressed about chemistry and receiving near-failing grades for the first time in my life. I was at my wits' end trying to teach myself what I needed to learn to barely pass my AP chemistry class, with little help from my actual teacher. When my mother found Corban E. [on Wyzant], it was a literal gift from God. Corban became my chemistry teacher, for all intents and purposes. I learned more from our weekly hour-long sessions than I did from an hour of actual class five days a week. And from a 75 on a test and no understanding of the material at all, with Corban's help, I was able to reach perfect scores on several quizzes and tests, and end the year with a 95.5% overall average (an A). He was so understanding, patient, and always went the extra mile. I could tell that he really wanted me to succeed, more than anything, so his countless practice exercises and PDFs that he sent to me--on days we didn't have sessions--became an integral part of my study routine. I can say with the utmost confidence that Corban is one of the best tutors I have ever worked with, and he can help anyone, no matter how dire their situation, if they put in the work. Thank you so much for your help, Corban!"

-Ariana, 2021

"Knowledgeable and efficient

Corban has been helping my son with AP chem. He covers a lot of material in a short period of time, and we saw improvement in my son’s weekly tests after the first session. Highly recommend!"

-Karen, 2022